International Perspective

Joakim Båge spent the last decade solving various business and communication challenges for leading companies and organizations in California.  


Impact Matters

The future belongs to companies, organizations, and funds which aim to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact.


Board Experience

Joakim Båge has board experience from both private and public companies.



There is a massive potential right now for innovation and impact acceleration in and around the multi-trillion dollar global real estate market. 






Effective investment and marketing propositions.


  • Strategic narrative
  • Innovation communications
  • Pre-IPO communications
  • Post-IPO communications
  • Investor memorandums 
  • Annual and quarterly reports
  • Press releases 





Content strategy, development, production and hosting.


  • Online video
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Broadcast Media
  • White Papers
  • Research Reports
  • Books





Industry events strategy, curation and presentations. 


  • Curation 
  • Moderating 
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Seminars 
  • Partnerships

Spotlight: Online News

Joakim has contributed to most of the leading newspapers in the Nordics, including a few years as a staff reporter for the business daily Dagens Industri. He is currently a Columnist for Aftonbladet, the largest daily in the Nordics. Contact Joakim if you are interested in having a guest column or an opinion piece written for your publication. 


Spotlight: Podcasts

Are you interested in finding out more about how podcasting can benefit your business and your clients? Joakim Båge is currently co-hosting one of the top business podcasts in Sweden, Kvadrat on EFN, the award-winning financial news network owned by Handelsbanken. 


Spotlight: Audiobooks

Have you explored a form of digital media which thousands of people are spending hours with daily? Audio books have exploded in popularity over the last few years. The undisputed leader in the category is Storytel, with over 400 000 paying subscribers in Sweden alone. Joakim Båge has authored a highly rated new audio book, Bostadsskolan, exclusively published by Storytel in association with EFN.


Spotlight: Events

Are you interested in getting a top-rated moderator or presenter at your next event? Joakim Båge, lately often together with co-host Petra Bergman, has curated, moderated and presented at top tech industry events around the world including:

  • Dagens Media Rörligt, Stockholm (Co-Moderator)
  • Breakit Game tech, Stockholm (Curator)
  • Film- och TV-branschens Samarbetskommitté, Almedalen (Presenter)
  • VidCon EU, Amsterdam (Panel Moderator)
  • Whispr Influencer Marketing Meet-up, Stockholm, Oslo & Malmö (Curator and Moderator)
  • [a]list Summit, Los Angeles & Seattle (Curator)
  • Big Ideas at Idealab, Pasadena (Curator and Moderator)
  • Game Developers Conference, San Francisco (Panel Moderator)
  • Nordic Film & Game Lounge at E3, Los Angeles (Curator)
  • Digital Hollywood, Los Angeles (Panel Moderator)
  • Silicon Beach Fest, Los Angeles (Panel Moderator)
  • Games @ CES, Las Vegas (Curator)
  • NY Games Conference (Curator)
  • LA Games Conference (Curator)
  • Millennials Conference, Los Angeles & Toronto (Curator)
  • Film Technology Summit and Future of Film Summit, LA (Co-Curator with Variety)
  • Future of Television Conference, Los Angeles & NYC (Curator)
  • Digital Music Forum East & West, Los Angeles & NYC (Curator)
  • LA Film Festival (Panel Moderator)
  • Canadian Music Week, Toronto (Panel Moderator) 



Joakim Båge can share advice on CSR strategies with extensive experience of working with non-profits such as Mindshare LA, New Filmmakers Los Angeles and Innovate Pasadena. 


About Joakim Båge

Joakim started out his career as a financial journalist in Sweden at Thomson Reuters, Dagens Industri and TV4 as well as a reporter for Aftonbladet and Expressen.

He has since then expanded his skillset over a decade in the United States as an Executive Director at Ayzenberg Group, one of the largest independent ad agencies in Los Angeles; Vice President of Content at Digital Media Wire; as well as Founder of Viking Digital Media, which produced award-winning online video content for IKEA. 

In the last three years, Joakim has been an  advisor and consultant to progressive companies and organizations such as Lifesum, Whispr Group, Speqta, VidCon, LightFlex, Breakit, EFN and Bonnier Broadcasting.

Joakim also served on the Board of Directors for Speqta, listed on Nasdaq First North Premier, during it's turnaround. He was part of a small team which repositioned the company,  successfully raised new capital, made three strategic acquisitions and ultimately brought in new main owners in Optimizer Invest.

Thriving on being a catalyst for innovation at the intersection of content, technology, ideas and people, Joakim has been awarded Streamy and Webby Awards as well as fellowships from the Wallenberg Foundation, Investor AB and the Sweden-America Foundation.

He recently finished an audiobook for outsiders on the real estate market, a Storytel Original, and he has previously been a contributing author to three regular books about digital media and millennials. Since the fall of 2018 Joakim is co-hosting the popular show "kvadrat" on EFN, the Swedish financial news network. As of 2020 he is also a Columnist for the largest newspaper in Sweden, Aftonbladet.

Joakim has a Masters Degree in Media, Entertainment and Technology Management from The Gallatin School at New York University and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the School of Business and Commercial Law at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.


Jim Louderback, GM and SVP VidCon, Viacom

Mattias Miksche, Entrepreneur and Private Investor

Mattias Miksche, Entrepreneur and Private Investor

"Joakim is a smart and driven media and creative professional. He works well with both CEOs and C-level leaders and operational folks at Fortune 500 companies and beyond. We worked together on the [a]-list summit as well as on VidCon, where he is speaking in June!"

Mattias Miksche, Entrepreneur and Private Investor

Mattias Miksche, Entrepreneur and Private Investor

Mattias Miksche, Entrepreneur and Private Investor

"Joakim is one of the sharpest minds in the digital entertainment industry. He has provided great insight, analysis and advice and has introduced us to many exciting companies & individuals. Joakim has a great combo of media and tech savvyness which is very rarely found in the entertainment industry. He also is a all-round terrific guy and I can recommend him whole-heartedly."

Gregory Hadden, Executive Creative Director, Motive Made Studios

Gregory Hadden, Executive Creative Director, Motive Made Studios

Gregory Hadden, Executive Creative Director, Motive Made Studios

"I've hired Joakim on several occasions because he possesses a wide-range of skills, is professional, timely, personable, delivers good results - and always brings a little extra to a project. When working with us on IKEA's groundbreaking "Easy to Assemble" web series, Joakim was a key member of our team, bringing brand-partners, social-oriented content and a very smart social engagement strategy to help make it one of the most successful and recognized branded entertainment plays of 2010.
Another IKEA project, this time for the Russian market, Joakim delivered key-talent, produced both great strategy and creative content, and helped drive the project under extremely challenging circumstances. With IKEA's innovative Playreport social campaign, Joakim's input on social strategy helped build audience share up 50% in a very short period of time. Joakim's energy and knowledge have been an important contributing factor to the success of all of these projects and I look forward to working with Joakim in the future.

David Jaworski, Global Digital Advisor, Microsoft

Gregory Hadden, Executive Creative Director, Motive Made Studios

Gregory Hadden, Executive Creative Director, Motive Made Studios

"Joakim is a pleasure to work with. Even under tight deadlines, Joakim remains the consummate professional and maintains his pleasant disposition. We have published two books together, done interviews together, and have participated in numerous trade events. On all occasions our team has found Joakim to be great to work with and one who delivers a quality experience for his readers. We look forward to any project with Joakim."


Recent clients range from startups to public companies in the Nordics and the U.S. such as Mytaste Group, Whispr Group, Lifesum, LightFlex, Breakit, EFN/Strix and Bonnier Broadcasting.

Contact for more info: 

Joakim Båge Phone: +46 76 030 6599; Email: